Texas House Buyers: Making your piece of real estate move requires dedicated effort, and when you have the pressure of a short sale in your pursuit, selling quick becomes a priority. Knowing what to do is good; it gives you a map of where to go and how to get there. But knowing what not to do is even better. This way, you don’t take any detours and reach no dead ends. There are mistakes sellers make when they are selling their houses, and outlined below are some of them.

Your house is not ready for a sale. If that curb appeal is not making your jaw drop, then don’t expect it to make anyone else’s. A buyer, if they are the traditional kind, wants a home that has got the whole nine yards, figuratively speaking. That means every piece of the puzzle has to be in there,  a neat front lawn and a landscaped back yard, a well presented interior, or simply a house that is well maintained. If you default on any of these, then don’t be surprised when your house has no takers.

The second mistake is simple advertising. Think of it this way, the more extensive the marketing you do, the wider you cast your net, and the better the chances of getting a lot of interested buyers. Don’t pat yourself on the back after putting a For Sale sign, and placing your property in a listing. Vigorous advertising is something you must do. Photograph your home professionally and let the photos go with your marketing campaign. Invest in getting some flyers printed and distribute this to your neighborhood. Create a virtual tour of your home, and post the video online in any of the available classifieds. Hold open houses for the interested buyers. Basically, employ every marketing trick in the book.

The third mistake is improper pricing of your home. This might compel you to learn a thing or two about the real estate market around your area. That coupled with the value given to you after an evaluation will help you come up with an acceptable figure. Overestimating the price of your home is just about the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to selling your home. Put it below the market price and you will get a lot of interested parties. But if you elevate the price by 5% its market value, then you will not have any takers for a long time, possibly ever.