Qualified Home InspectorQualified home inspectors are those who belong to one of a number of organizations for professional inspectors.

House Selling Tips – Lake Worth House BuyersHiring a home inspector when you prepare your house for sale might be a very wise move. The buyers will no doubt hire one when they are interested in buying the house, so you might want to be prepared for anything that could trip up the sale. Some lenders will ask for a home inspection as well as an appraisal before they will agree to a home loan.

If you do hire a home inspector to see what you need to do before you put the house on the market, how do you know that the inspector you hire knows his or her business? Will you be hiring someone with real knowledge of the home inspection requirements or is it someone who is working off the kitchen table and became a home inspector after becoming disillusioned with used car sales? What kind of training is necessary and is there a certification process that they must go through to become licensed in your state?

These organizations train, certify, and license home inspectors to assure the public of a consistent and standardized inspection that can be used by seller or buyer.

These are all great questions. Home inspection has been around for some time, but has recently taken off as a full time certified profession. There are organizations to support home inspectors and knowing that the one you choose is a member of at least one of these groups will help to assure you that you are dealing with someone who has a real interest in the profession. The National Association of Home Inspectors is one such group. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the American Society of Home Inspectors are also member organizations dedicated to the training, certification, and licensing of professional inspectors that will give you a legitimate and useful inspection and write you a report that you can use to refer to when preparing your home for sale.

The buyer will then most likely hire a separate inspector that will be representing him or her to take an objective look at your house. They will point out all flaws in the building and its systems and appliances. If you have received a report prior to putting the house up for sale, you will have taken care of most or all of the problems before the buyer even looks at the house for the first time. Expect to get a similar report from any professional inspector that you or the buyer hires. They have standardized checklists that they follow and this will give you a good guideline to follow.