For Sale by OwnerSelling a house yourself will take lots of time, effort, and repair. Call for an offer from a real estate investor to see what you can get for the house without the needed effort.

House Selling – Hurst Texas: Saving commission by selling your own home may be quite appealing to you. You feel that you are clever enough to handle the internet listing and marketing and since you live there anyway you might as well let potential buyers come on over and see the house. Why pay someone else to do what you can do for yourself?

It may take a lot more time and energy than you ever could have imagined. People who have sold their own homes can tell you that, especially in this difficult market, it can be a very lengthy and drawn out process. Families get tired of keeping the house perfect at all times, never letting the popcorn bowl sit on the coffee table after last night’s family movie, or the kids not being allowed to have friends overnight unless they are cleaned up and gone by 9 am. Mowing the lawn twice a week when you would normally mow just once, being ready to dash out the door with the pets at a moment’s notice, and all the other details that must be attended to when you could have a buyer come to look at any time can be very tiring. It gets on people’s nerves and tempers can become short if it goes on for too long.

You’ll need to go through the house with a fine toothed comb to make a task list of repairs that should be done, cleanup that needs doing, clutter that must be eliminated, and replacement or remodeling of key areas of the house that are likely to be important to buyers. If you have been able to keep up with your routine maintenance on the house it shouldn’t be as difficult to make the needed repairs. If you’ve been under financial strain and the house has fallen behind on routine matters, it will be tougher to tackle what you will need to take care of.

Almost no one can get away with doing nothing to their home before placing it on the market.

The only people lucky enough to have that luxury are those who call a real estate investor and sell the house to one of them. They buy houses as is and can most often get the closing done within as little as a week. If your time, energy, and inclination to do what it takes to sell your own house is lacking, get an offer from an investor at least to see what they’ll give you for it as is.