House selling without a big commission feeSelling your house doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay someone a handsome commission.

Sell Your Texas House Commission Free! – Fort Worth TXThe commission that home sellers pay to get their houses sold seems like a lot of money. When money is tight anyway and the equity in the home isn’t much, is there any alternative to dishing out that 3 to 6% commission?

There are a few options to selling in the traditional manner, which requires paying commission to those who help you sell your house. It’s certainly not unearned, by any means, as it is hard to sell a house especially these days. There are ways to avoid it though by selling in different ways. You can either sell the house yourself and save the commission as you’ll be doing the work, or you can sell to an investor who does the work but charges no fees or commissions.

Selling the house yourself will involve the use of FSBO websites on which you will be able to list your own house for sale. A for sale by owner house can be offered at a slightly lower price than what the market dictates, which will attract buyers. The chances of selling can also, therefore, be increased as buyers today are looking for those bargains. Eliminating the middle man gives you more flexibility to accommodate buyers that may have creative financing ideas and you can create any terms you’d both be happy with.

The other commission free option is to sell your property to a real estate investor. These investors will offer you somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 30% below market value. Though this seems low at first, when you consider that the investor will be doing just about everything there is to be done in the sale process it starts to look better. The sale can take place within a week in most cases and the paperwork will be completed and filed as necessary. This is a very low stress way for you to sell your home and be done with the process in a short period of time.

The real estate investors that will offer to buy your house will not ask you to do any repairs or remodeling as they buy houses in as is condition. Their purpose is to buy the property at a good price that will allow them an opportunity to make a profit either shortly after the sale or years down the road.

The bottom line is that you get your house sold, pay no commission, and do no work to sell it either. Win, win for everyone involved.