How to go about the sale of your house without using a quit claim. Selling your house can be a potential problem indeed and it comes across as so for more reasons than one.

….however, what you really should be aware of is the fact that there’s no law literally which can actually prevent you from conveying ownership of your home and that too to another person.

Using a Quit ClaimFt. Worth House Buyers: Yes, the basic thing remains that you can very well sell your home and that too with the help of a quit claim deed. Now fact remains that certain contractual as well as financial obligations might stop you from selling your home by this method.

The concept of using a quit claim deed

Many people make use of quit claim deeds to transfer the property concerned to family members and close friends. The good bit about these deeds is the fact that they’re rather simple to prepare and don’t make representations of the title to the grantee. If you’ve got a non-family purchaser, then it’s better that you have the property conveyed by a warranty deed. This is essentially because of the fact that it needs language assuring the purchaser about the fact that the title to the property happens to be marketable.

You could sell your home privately

Now it’s very much possible that you sell your home privately for quit claim deed isn’t the only way to do so. As a matter of fact, selling your home can be a rather good way by which you can manage to save up thousands of dollars in terms of sales commissions. It might so happen that you feel unprepared to sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent. Here are a few steps you could take to sell your home without using a quit claim deed –

1. Tidy and clean up: The very first thing you should do is tidy and clean up your home. The idea is to prepare your home such that it looks rather clean, spacious plus in an excellent condition. You should also move around your house and draw up a list of the items that need repair, a paint job or needs to be updated. Get these done as soon as possible.

2. Hire an attorney: You should then search for and hire a good real estate attorney. He or she’d then provide you with the contract forms as well as necessary guidance needed to go through the sale process in the first place. A real estate lawyer can actually make you aware of the various concepts involved in a sale process too.

3. Set the right price: Another very important step is to set the right sales price. It should be a fair one depending upon the current market conditions, the kind of house you’ve got plus the location of your house.

4. Advertise the property: The next step you’ve got to take is advertise right and that too to the prospective buyers. You could click pictures of your home and put up an advertisement on various websites and newspapers if required.

5. Negotiate the sale: Last but not the least, you’d have to negotiate the sale. You’ve got to be very careful in considering each of your sales and make a note of exactly how close it comes to your home’s market value. You should also find out whether or not the buyer has met the requirements as far as qualifying for financing is concerned.

So you see, a quit claim deed isn’t the only way to sell your house. You can follow the steps discussed above and take care of the same legally. You should also be aware of the fact that you can continue to take back up offers until the sale is actually finalized.