Make a Solid Plan Before You SellPlanning your house sale can avoid the chaos that often ensues when a family sells before having somewhere else to go.

Planning to Sell Your House – River Oaks House BuyersYou have decided that you want to, or perhaps you have to, sell your home. Don’t put the sign out in the front yard just yet. Like everything else worth doing, it deserves to have a plan that you can follow. The more successful home sellers do make a list of their tasks to guide them through the process. It will be chaotic enough with cleaning daily in case someone comes for a showing, people going in and out of your home, planning for your own move, finding a place to move to, getting the kids pointed in the direction of the move and getting them motivated, and lots more. And you thought you were busy before you decided to move.

Having a plan will take some of the chaos and uncertainty out of the process. You can also make a timeline that goes with your plan. Be sure to have some contingency timelines, though, in case the house doesn’t sell as quickly as you planned, or in case it sells before you expect it to. Either way you’ll have a sort of guide that will give you your next steps.

Know the legal implications and realize how complex it can be.

Write down your motivation for selling the house. Be sure you have thought it through from start to finish and realize what a commitment you are making. It will affect your whole family so be sure you are selling for a good reason.

Do an assessment of what you want to move into once you sell the house you live in now. What neighborhoods will be acceptable, and what kind of house do you want? What do you think you can pay for it? How do you plan to go ahead with the house hunt and when will you start to look? At some point you will want to contact a lender or two to find out about financing and where you stand with that today. Know what you will have to put down and what sources of income you can prove. This may get you a preapproval letter that will help you in your search.

Decide how you want to sell the house. Will you do it yourself or hire someone else and pay commission? Will you sell to a real estate investor? What resources will you need if you decide to sell the house yourself? Can you afford the closing costs, inspection fees, etc.? These are all things that need to be considered before you sell and more. Walk through the process carefully.