Time seems to stand still when you are selling your houseTime seems to stand still when you are selling your house. This is especially true if you are ready to leave your house and can’t afford to wait to sell.

House Selling Tips – Arlington TXTo sell your house in the fastest way, you can sell for cash to an investor. This is possible within a week from your acceptance of their offer. They do offer a discounted rate on your house in exchange for some things you may find worth the discount. They do not expect you to clean up or repair the house. They know the legal forms and what has to be done to make it a legal sale and property transfer. So if you are willing to sell for approximately 20 to 30% below current market value, you can do so in a week.

Selling in the more traditional manner, however, will take considerably longer. If you wish to do it this way and get more for your property, you can expect it to take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. In some cases depending on the area your house is in, it can take a bit longer. The flow of the market will influence how quickly homes turn over. If your area is in economic decline, losing businesses and factories in which people can seek employment, it will be difficult to sell.

Several areas of the country still turn over their real estate relatively quickly and the prices are not as bad as in other places. These areas will still require you to wait for advertising to be seen by buyers, arrange home showings, take offers and go through the offer-counter offer process, place the home in escrow if required, and follow through with the legal forms and filings. The buyer will need to apply for a loan and be granted one. The closing after the sale has been made should take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. Finding a buyer is usually the most time consuming part of the whole traditional sale process.

“But I Will Loose Money When Selling My House to an Investor”

An investor’s offer may seem low to you, but when adding up the expense of maintaining the property, paying mortgage, insurance, and taxes, and keeping the utilities on until you sell, you might determine that it will be worth taking the lower price offered. You will need to decide whether you are more interested in selling quickly without a hassle, or whether you need to receive more money for your property due to mortgage owed and other concerns. You can always get an offer from an investor to help make your decision.