Home Buyers Texas: It should be noted that most potential home buyers would like to visit the house during day time to get a view of the house in proper lighting. If you have adequate natural light coming into the living room, (and this really is the best option), you may not even need to put any lights on. However, this doesn’t lower the importance of having appropriate lighting in the living room. Potential home buyers will certainly notice the light fixtures and gauge their ability to provide adequate light. In some cases, you may even want to lights on even in broad daylight to demonstrate the effects of a particular light fixture, even though proper results can only be seen after dark.

Texas Real EstateFirstly, identify if there are any task areas in your living room. For instance, if you have placed a rocking chair in the corner for reading purposes or you have a small desk in a corner for writing purposes. If there are any task areas, they will need specific task lighting which ensure that there is sufficient light for the task without bathing the whole room in harsh, bright light. Floor lamps or table lamps are perfect for these areas.

For the purpose of impressing your potential buyers, what you need is accent lighting. Consider having spotlights on paintings and other artifacts or behind potted plants to create an impressive atmosphere. Consider having ceiling lights in the form of rope lights, pendant lights or chandeliers. A chandelier just above the entrance or in the middle of the room can look very impressive. Similarly, a number of small pendant lights hanging at various lengths in a corner of the room can create a charming atmosphere.