House Buyers Texas: So, you are putting your home up for sale? Their is no doubt that you will want it to look its best. When a potential buyer enters the house, one of the most popular places for them to take a closer look is in the kitchen. Cabinetry in the kitchen can be replaced in favor of a better quality cabinet, but they are expensive and often you can touch up or repaint the existing set with good results.

Texas Real EstateIf the cabinets are painted, then scratches and dings in the surface are not difficult to touch up. You can fill in any bigger dents with wood filler before repainting. Sand the wood filler when it’s dry to get an even and smooth look. Choose a good paint color and repaint the cabinets. Usually a bright and neutral color is best for homes that are on the market.

When the cabinets are not painted, but unfinished or stained wood, you’ll need to cover scratches and possibly restain the wood to look like new. If the wood is scratched and the wood finish is worn off in places, you’ll need to do something a bit different to create a nice finished look.Scratches and other blemishes can be covered and blended with the original color so the imperfections are not so obvious.

There are several products on the market that you can use to cover the scratches. The Tibet Almond Stick is a time tested product that uses a century old family secret formula. It is a roll of cotton that contains chemical used to cover the scratches.Old English scratch cover is a liquid, light or dark available, that you will wipe over the surface and rub in.

This product works well to give an even finish to the whole surface. It is a bit oily, though, so be sure to apply it with one rag, and then rub it in and blend it with a separate rag. Put the oil into the scratch area you want to cover, then work your way out around the scratch to allow the color to integrate into the intact color.There are several other scratch cover products available at the big box home improvement stores and most hardware stores. Use any scratch cover product in an inconspicuous area first to be sure that it won’t make the problem worse by leaving an obvious stain.