Tips for Selling Your HousePictures of the house are good for selling, just as any marketer can tell you.

House Selling Tips – White Settlement House Buyers: Photographing your home, inside and out, will be an important part of the marketing you do to get your house sold. It’s a buyer’s market out there so you need to do everything possible to give yourself an advantage over other sellers. Selling a home is no different than marketing cereal or sporting goods. It’s all about the packaging and the pictures in the advertising materials. So, bottom line, take the best pictures you can to use in your listing.

With buyers today, the first place they tend to start their house hunting is online. If you list your house on a For Sale By Owner site, FSBO, you will have the ability to upload photos of your home. In most cases you will be allowed several photos, so be sure to take as many pics as you are allowed to use and load them in. Buyers tend to click on homes for sale with many pictures to look at. If you take a look at internet home sale sites, you’ll notice that some listing have no photo or only one picture. Those are not interesting and are often overlooked entirely in favor of those that have something more to show the buyers right then and there.

Do your best to make the pictures count by
cleaning up the yard and taking good, light shots.

To take good pictures of the exterior of your house, start by preparing the areas you will be photographing. For best photos of the front, take the vehicles out of the driveway and away from the street in front of your home. At the entry way to the front door, trim back or remove any brush or vegetation that is in the way, overgrown, dead and dying, or otherwise ugly.

Shoot pictures from an angle and as close as possible, including the whole house, but leaving out sidewalks, streets, and neighboring houses. Take pictures when there is no shade on the front of the house, making it appear dark or dreary.

For the rest of the exterior shots, clean up the brush like you did in the front so the back door and any side doors look pleasant and inviting. Move bicycles, hoses, toys, pets, debris, and anything that doesn’t really belong there. Now mow the lawn and trim up the edges and weeds.

In the yard area, you want to make it look as large as possible, so shoot long shots and pictures that make the yard look sizable. If you have a garage or outbuildings, clean up around them and take good pictures of those as well.