Sell your ugly house to an investor who can fix it up and resell it for more, or rent it out. You’ll save your credit for future use.

House Selling - Ugly HousesTexas House Buyers: When you see billboards advertising that someone will buy your ugly house for cash, do you wonder if your house is too ugly? Is there a limit to how badly a house looks for investors to buy it? In most cases the answer is ‘no’ as they buy just about anything that they can add to their portfolio of holdings.

Since real estate investors aren’t buying a house to live in and raise their family there, they are almost always interested in purchasing anything with four walls still standing. In fact, ugly houses are desirable to investors because that means they can buy them cheaply, and then fix them up. Sweat equity is valuable to many investors. They have to put out less actual cash, and the equity they build comes from a willingness to dig in and start fixing up houses that will eventually be worth much more.

  • Investing $50k in a house that will be worth double that once they put on a new roof, change out the heating and air conditioning systems and remodel the kitchen, which is what many real estate investors are looking for.
  • They calculate their purchase price including what it will cost to do the needed cleanup and repairs.
  • If they buy for $50k, spend $30k improving the property, and then resell for $100k, they stand to make $20k on the deal.

This is how they look at your ugly house.

Sell Your Ugly House to a Real Estate Investor!

You can sell your ugly house to an investor to save your credit. You’ll need your credit to be somewhat good when you move, as just about every aspect of our lives is now judged on our credit scores. You need it for everything from renting a new house to getting car insurance.

This can be a lifesaver for you, too, if you find the need to sell in a hurry and move to a cheaper house, move out of state for a better job, or to get out from under a mortgage and home ownership that is no longer possible for you to keep up.

There’s no shame in leaving a house that becomes too much for your finances to handle. Selling to someone who can make something of the property is, in fact, noble and a wise business decision. It will also help to save your credit. Sell your house to someone who can buy it within a week so you don’t get further behind in your mortgage and you might walk away with decent credit left.